Madaveli-Hoadedhdhoo Causeway DISASTER

Total estimated cost of the project as at Sept 2022: MVR 112 million (USD 7.2 million)


There have been no ecosystem loss & damage studies done to assess the consequential loss to the surrounding marine ecosystems, loss of land and agricultural damage to local economies, and impacts on the communities of Madaveli and Hoadedhdhoo as a result of the badly executed causeway project.

Basic Facts

  • Government of Maldives decision to build a causeway to link the islands of Madaveli and Hoadedhdhoo in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll, Maldives
  • Project proponent: Ministry of Housing & Infrastructure
  • Project EIA consultants: SEAMARC in 2012 and La Mer in 2016
  • Project cost estimate: MVR 28,777,458 (USD 1,866,242)
  • Project contractor: Maldives Transport & Contracting Company (MTCC Plc)
  • Project scope:
      • to build a 441 x 15 metre causeway linking the islands of Madaveli and Hoadedhdhoo, reclaimed to a height of 1.4 metres above mean sea-level (MSL)
      • reclamation of 3.5 hectares on the south-east of Madaveli island to a height of 1.3 metres above MSL
      • the causeway will go through the uninhabited island Haadhoo located between Madaveli and Hoadedhdhoo
      • total amount of sand use for the project is 73,500 cubic metres (cbm)
      • total size of sand borrow area is 6,000 sq/m (300 x 200 metres)

(Data Sources : EIA – Coastal modification and Causeway between Hoan’dehdhoo and Madaveli, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, 2016 )

Madaveli-Hoadedhdhoo Causeway
September 2022

MTCC Starts Work (again!)

MTCC Madaveli - Hoadedhoo Causeway [AVAS]

“Physical works of Madaveli-Hoadedhdhoo causeway inaugurated”
“GDh. Madaveli-Hoadhedhdhoo causeway connectivity project was inaugurated on Tuesday.
The project is being implemented by a government-owned company, Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC). The contract was awarded to MTCC for MVR 84.1 million.” 14 September 2022

“MTCC commences Madaveli-Hoandehdhoo causeway project”
The Edition, 14 Sept 2022

July 2022

Conflict #3

Madaveli - Hoadedhoo Causeway (Maldives Independent)

“Locals disconnect causeway as severe surges flood Madaveli”
“Madaveli Island Council report on Saturday stated that the causeway connecting the islands of Madaveli and Hoadedhoo has been purposefully destroyed amid flooding in Madaveli island.
This is the third time that the causeway has been disconnected by islanders.”
The Times of Addu, 02 July 2022

October 2021

MTCC Re-contracted

MTCC Re-contracted

MTCC was first contracted to do the project in March 2016 at a cost of MVR 28m (USD 1.8m). Work began in December 2016, and the project was completed in January 2019 (as per MTCC).
Following the environmental damage and loss caused by the causeway to the communities of Madaveli and Hoadedhdhoo and the conflict that led residents to break the causeway multiple times over subsequent years, MTCC has been once again contracted to build the causeway, at a cost of MVR 84.1m (USD 5.4m).
This brings the total estimated cost of the project to date, to MVR 112m (USD 7.2m).
– “MTCC contracted to construct GDh.Madaveli – GDh.Hoadedhdhoo causeway”
– Cost estimate : MVR 84.1m (USD 5.4m)
– Proponent : Ministry of Housing & Infrastructure, Government of Maldives
– Contractor : MTCC Plc
– Ministry of National Planning, Housing & Infrastructure, 26 Oct 2021
– MTCC Awarded Causeway Construction Project, Corporate Maldives, 27 Oct 2021

September 2021

Conflict #2

MTCC Madaveli - Hoadedhoo Causeway [AVAS]

“Madaveli-Hoadedhoo environmental issue intensifies with the destruction of causeway”

Conflict: “Police stated today that they are investigating the purposeful destruction of the causeway connecting the islands of Madaveli and Hoadedhoo. …
Over the past years, about 20% of the land of Hoadehdhoo has been destroyed due to the causeway, along with the palm trees that surrounded the causeway as well. If this continues to happen for a longer time, the citizens fear that it could destroy the farms nearby, affecting the economy of the island.”

The Times of Addu, 2 September 2021

August 2021

Causeway Damage #3

Madaveli - Hoadedhoo Causeway (Sun MV)

“Islanders raise alarm as causeway development project destroys Hoadehdhoo”

“the MP for Madaveli Constituency, Hussain Firushaan stated that due to the causeway, about six hectares of land has become muddy to the extent that it cannot be used anymore”
The Times of Addu, 28 August 2021

July 2020

Majlis Decision

Madaveli - Hoadedhoo Causeway (FB)

Despite the decision by the People’s Majlis for the EPA to pursue compensation for loss and damage due to the causeway construction, there has been no further developments or updates on this.
“Compensation to be sought for the damages caused by Madaveli-Hoadedhdhoo Causeway”
“The Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Climate Change has stated compensation must be sought for the environmental damages caused by the causeway connecting Madaveli and Hoadedhdhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.”
PSM News 22 July 2020

February 2020

Majlis Scrutiny

Maldives Majlis session #savemaldives (400)

People’s Majlis scrutinise the Madaveli-Hoadedhdhoo causeway issue by the Environment & Climate Change Committee (ECCC).
Report published on 08 July 2020 – The People’s Majlis

October 2018

Causeway Damage #2

Madaveli - Hoadedhoo Causeway (Maldives Independent)

“Causeway worsened flooding as warned by environment impact report”
“Hoadehdhoo islanders dug out a section from the 440-meter causeway after swell surges flooded the island over the previous week. The MVR29 million (US$1.8 million) project was inaugurated by President Abdulla Yameen during a campaign trip in August.”
Maldives Independent, 6 Oct 2018

September 2018

Causeway Damage #1

Madaveli - Hoadedhoo Causeway by Mohamed Hussain #savemaldives

Citizen report of causeway damage captured by Mohamed Hussain via Facebook
“The bad design did not only cause inundation, it also caused heavy erosion to both Madaveli and Hoadedhdhoo’s shores where the causeway meets. This is an environmental disaster. A disaster that would directly affect the lives of the people and island footprints if immediate corrective measures aren’t implemented.”

September 2018

Conflict #1

Madaveli - Hoadedhoo Causeway (Housing Min)

“Residents break up Hoadedhdhoo-Madaveli causeway in Gaafu Dhaal Atoll”
Reason for action : “because waves were rising over the causeway and flooding the island”.
The Edition 29 Sept 2018

December 2016

MTCC Starts Work

MTCC Madaveli - Hoadedhoo Causeway

The project was awarded to MTCC in March 2016, and implementation began in December 2016.
“This project included:
– Sand fill to as per the drawing provided to MSL+1.4m 11,219 .0Cbm
– Construction and installation of concrete culvert (width-6m, length-15m, with wing walls) 6.0Nos
– Sand cement revetment at both sides of the causeway 882.0 M
– Cast and Installation of L-Carbs 882.0 M”

October 2016

Second EIA

LaMER group
  • Second EIA : Coastal modification and Causeway between Hoan’dehdhoo and Madaveli, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives
  • Date : October 2016
  • Cost estimate : MVR 28m (USD 1.8m)
  • Proponent : Ministry of Housing & Infrastructure, Government of Maldives
  • EIA Consultant : Land and Marine Environmental Resource Group (La Mer Pvt Ltd)
  • Contractor : MTCC Plc
  • Environmental impact assessment for coastal modification and construction of a causeway between Hoan’dehdhoo and Madaveli, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll (Saruna, MNU)
June 2012

First EIA

Madaveli - Hoadedhoo Causeway [EIA Seamarc]
  • First Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the development of the Madaveli-Hoadedhdhoo Causeway produced by SEAMARC – void due to non-implementation during approved time-frame.
  • Cost estimate not known
  • Proponent : Ministry of Housing & Infrastructure, Government of Maldives
  • EIA Consultant : SEAMARC
Madaveli Hoadedhoo #savemaldives