#savemaldives is a citizen-led environmental campaign by concerned individuals from diverse backgrounds who are extremely worried about irreversible environmental destruction in the Maldives.

We aim to tell the stories of unsustainable development, environmental destruction, and the impact of this on the lives and livelihoods of affected people in our communities. Moreover, we work in collaboration with NGOs, CBOs, island councils, governmental and other organisations to ensure protection, preservation and sound management of sensitive ecosystems in the Maldives.

We call for immediate action by all national and international stakeholders to protect the precious natural resources of the Maldives for current and future generations.

Great 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Like to see more islands and councils taking #ClimateAction to provide access to safe, healthy and sufficient food is the kind of community driven resilience building activities we are in dire need of.
@SaveMaldivesMV https://twitter.com/mzahirimage/status/1262460202286104576

What are the challenges to address the issues and solutions

Lack of environmental 👨🏻‍🎓 = better use of existing resources like Mangrove ecosystems in the country.

Why aren’t we investing in conservation, protection of these fragile systems?

Rakeedhoo harbor cost per head 18.5m/373= 49,597 MRF. There must be a justification to spoil this beach for future. Natural beauty can not be compromised. @AfshanLatheef @lgaMaldives @ahmhaitham @EPAMaldives @SalleHoarafushi @AslamAslamtey @mabrouq @faya_i @SaveMaldivesMV

ފަރުތަކާ ފަޅުތަކާ
ގިރިތަކާ ކުޅިތަކާ
ވިލުތަކާ ފިނޮޅުތަކާ
ހޭޅިފަށާ މޫދާ - ރާޅުވެސް !
މަސްމަހާ ގަސްގަހާ
ޤުދުރަތީ ވަސީލަތްތައް
ސަލާމަތްކުރޭ ހިމާޔަތްކުރޭ !

#SaveMaldives 🌊🐟🐠🦈💙🎣

“The fact that the responsibility to communicate this falls on me and other children should be seen for exactly what it is –a failure beyond all imagination”

I tried summarising the #climatecrisis from my own experiences in 12 chapters. Full text in @TIME

Rakeedhoo total population as at June 2020, 373. Harbor project cost 18.5 million. Just one reef fishing dhoani. As there is no school, no kids lives in the island. Normally 30-40 ppl live on the island. @lgaMaldives @ahmhaitham @SaveMaldivesMV @SalleHoarafushi @AslamAslamtey

@TheLogicalMv @SaveMaldivesMV @mfruqan @nihad_m @mvpeoplesmajlis @MohamedNasheed @EPAMaldives @MoEnvmv The same argument whenever I talk about planting trees on the roads. Kuni elheyneyo 😩 Kuni kahaa meehun rulhi ahnaane ey kiyaafa goathi therey huri gas ves eba kan'daa.

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