#savemaldives is a citizen-led environmental campaign by concerned individuals from diverse backgrounds who are extremely worried about irreversible environmental destruction in the Maldives.

We aim to tell the stories of unsustainable development, environmental destruction, and the impact of this on the lives and livelihoods of affected people in our communities. Moreover, we work in collaboration with NGOs, CBOs, island councils, governmental and other organisations to ensure protection, preservation and sound management of sensitive ecosystems in the Maldives.

We call for immediate action by all national and international stakeholders to protect the precious natural resources of the Maldives for current and future generations.

"No matter what we do now, it's too late to avoid #ClimateChange.
And the poorest and most vulnerable, those with the least security, are now certain to suffer."
In #Maldives @presidencymv @MTCCPlc destroying island resilience of most vulnerable, who are unaware of consequences. https://twitter.com/dw_environment/status/1366388000817610757

DW Global Ideas & Environment@dw_environment

David Attenborough's warning to the UN Security Council about #ClimateChange

Great coverage of the #yellowfin tuna crisis unfolding in the Indian Ocean. Next week #IOTC members will need to decide between the ambitious & equitable Maldives proposal or the proposal tabled by the EU that would allow its own fleet to increase catches.

Fighting over #FoodSecurity already?
Why does @EUCouncil with vast sovereign lands & oceans encroach on #IndianOcean tuna stocks?

'The @GlobalTuna welcomed both proposals but said the Maldives proposal was “much closer” to its own calls for a cut of 20%.'

As #Maldives claims #ClimateChange vulnerability at intnl fora, just what part of the science is policymakers missing?
What part of the @IPCC_CH message
is #GoM failing to understand?
@presidencymv @UNFCCC @COP26


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